How-To Install Tips
At Juliano's, we understand that purchasing some of our kits and
self install
products can be a little... intimidating. To answer those concerns we have
created this How-To section featuring many of our items that require some installation.

Don't be afraid to call our tech line to ask questions,

but please review the material associated with that product before you do.
Hot Rod Parts Seat Belts
Door Checks
Headlight Systems
Soft Top Insert Kit
Guide Style LED Park/Turn Lights
Lap Belts
1962 Ford Galaxy

Shoulder Belts
1935-1940 Ford
1950 VW Bug
1947-53 Chevy Truck
1955 Chevy
1956 Ford Wagon
1956 Chevy Pickup
1967-1972 Chevy Truck
1970 Mustang Stock Install
1970 Mustang Custom Install
1973-1987 Chevy Truck
1974 Chevy Pickup
1990-1993 Mustang Convertible

Seat Belt Accessories
Clip on Seat Belt Retractor