3 Point Retractable Shoulder Belt Install in 1956 Chevy Truck

This install was performed by Ralph Lisena, owner of Engineered Components, Inc., using our Plastic Push button Retractable Shoulder Belts, but can be replicated with any of our universal shoulder belt kits.

Tools Needed:

  • Measuring Tape and Pencil/Sharpie
  • 5/8" Socket and a 5/8" Wrench
  • Hand Drill
  • Yard Stick
  • Hammer and Taper Punch
  • Pop Rivet Gun and Rivets

Step 1
These are all the parts included with
the Juliano's seat belt kit. Take some
time to familiarize yourself with the
parts as well as the instructions.

Step 2
Start by locating the shoulder point by
holding the belt across your chest and
adjusting it up and down to find a
comfortable spot just above your
shoulder and mark it.

Step 3
Drill a 7/16" hole to accommodate
the shoulder bolt.

Step 4
Here is the hole. We kept it close to
the door jamb to provide some extra

Step 5
Tape the tab of the B-Pillar bracket
to the end of a flexible yardstick. This
will enable you to feed the bracket up
into the cab corner.

Step 6
Feed the B-Pillar bracket up into the
cab corner.

Step 7
Align the threaded hole in the bracket
with the hole and thread the shoulder
bolt into it.

Step 8
Tighten the bolt and remove the

Step 9
Drill an 1/8" hole just below the bolt.

Step 10
Insert a pop rivet to hold the plate
in place when the bolt is removed.

Step 11
Remove the bolt and insert the shoulder
point of the seat belt and tighten.

Step 12
Carefully install the plastic cover.

Step 13
Layout and mark the hole for the L
bracket in the corner of the cab. Be
sure to check under the cab for
obstructions before drilling.

Step 14
Drill a 7/16" hole for L-Bracket.

Step 15
Place an anchor plate under the cab
floor and install the L-Bracket tightening
it in place.

Step 16
Install the retractor as shown with the
black slotted bracket behind it. Use the
1" bolt with lock nut to tighten in place.

Step 17
Layout and drill two 7/16" holes toward
the center of the cab for the inboard
floppy arms.

Step 18
Tighten the arms in place, using anchor
plates under the floor for reinforcement.

Step 19
Another happy customer!