"If I teach you how to sew you'll go into business for yourself."

We started in business in 1969, two crazy kids just out of high school and a brand new Juki sewing machine. Bob Juliano had worked after school as an installer for an upholstery shop but his boss wouldn't let him touch the sewing machine. The boss said, "If I teach you how to sew you'll go into business for yourself." And the rest is history...

In the early years of much trial and error, productive work got done maybe 50% of the time. After all, there was a T-bucket to be built and a ping pong table to be played. It was the type of place where the employees could bring their dogs in for the day. Oh, and the guy we shared the shop with had a body shop. One day this guy decided he'd had enough fun and wasn't coming back. But there were customer's cars still being worked on so we became a body shop too...just like that.

We grew and as our family expanded to include two sons, so the business grew. Bob was now building his dream car, a deuce three window. Always the innovator, he fabricated some pretty cool car parts along the way and decided to make them available to others who complemented him on them at the various car shows we attended. So our first "catalog" was typed on a manual typewriter at the kitchen table and consisted of several canary yellow pages stapled in the corner.

As time marched on, car shows became a way to mix business with pleasure. The first show we ever displayed at was the NSRA Street Rod Nationals show in St. Paul, MN in 1979. A friend said he'd transport our stuff if we paid for fuel. He showed up in an old limo, plenty of space but it got probably 3 MPG! After that experience the quest for the biggest and easiest display to set up culminated in a NASCAR style transporter that we traveled the country in. Good times...

Sadly, Bob passed away in 2012 but his legacy continues with a team of long time and dedicated employees. I'm proud to say that Juliano's Hot Rod Parts has been in continuous existence since that fateful day in 1969, still growing and coming up with award winning new products. Oh, and sometimes the employees bring their dogs in for the day.

Marcia L. Juliano, CEO
Juliano's Hot Rod Parts

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