How to install a lap belt.
Lap Belt How to

1962 Ford Seat Belt How-to

Lap Belts   for 62 Ford Galaxy
This is a 62 Galaxy. In this car we only put lap belts in the back seat.
Usually when we put belts in a car we do the whole car, but this
customer just wanted lap belts in the back.

First you have to locate your mounting points.
Make sure that there is room for the anchor plate on
the bottom of the floor. And also that it will not
interfere  with anything else.

This is the bottom of the floor. The anchor plates
make sure the bolt will not pull through the floor
in an accident.


Here is one side of one of the belts bolted in, now all
we have to do is drill the hole for the other side and
bolt that in too.

We drilled the hole for the other side of the belt and
bolted it in. This picture is a close up of the fastening
point of the belt.



Now were all done replacing
the belts, and they look and
work like new.