73-87 Chevy Truck 3 Point Seat Belt Installation

73-87 Chevy Truck 3 Point Seat Belt How-to
1973-1987 Chevy pick up truck are nice looking trucks. However, there is a good chance the seat belts are worn. Whether they are discolored, stained, frayed, or the retractors are broken they need to be replaced. This is why Julianos has come up with a kit just for these years of Chevy trucks. This page is a step by step installation on a 1984 Chevy pick up.

This is a 1984 Chevy pick up. There are a ton of these trucks on the road, but after a while the seat belts start to go. The retractors break or the webbing starts to fray or get stained. What ever the case may be, the belts have to be replaced.

Step 1:
Here we are unbolting the shoulder point of the belt. All we are doing is unbolting the oem belt and replacing it with the new Julianos belt.

Step 2:
The next step is to bolt the new belt in. Use the same bolt that held the old one in.

Step 3:
Now that the shoulder portion of the belt is all set, we have to mount the retractor. This step is easy too. All we are doing here is unbolting the old retractor and taking it out.

Step 4:
Here we put in place the L bracket that comes in the hardware kit. First we bolt this in place and then we bolt the retractor to it. This bracket allows us to mount the retractor at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

Step 5:
Now that the L bracket is bolted in, we bolt the retractor to it. All of the bolts are supplied in our hardware kit which comes with the 3 point belts. Make sure that you also bolt the black oval shaped bracket to the L bracket too.

Step 6:
This is another angle of what the retractor will look like once you bolt it in.

Step 7:
Here we laid out on the seat the fixed end of the shoulder harness belt. Next to it is the adjustable end of a lap belt, because we decided to replace the center lap belt using one of Julianos 58" Lap belts. You may or may not want to replace this center belt depending on the condition of it. You would want to replace it however if you want the belts to all match.

Step 8:
Here we are unbolting the old belts.

Step 9:
Next we fed the fixed portion of the shoulder harness belts and the adjustable portion of the center lap belt through the opening in the seat.

Step 10:
Now all were doing is bolting the belts in that we just fed through the seat.

Now were all done replacing the belts, and they look and work like new.