3 Point Retractable Shoulder Belt Install in 1947-53 Chevy Truck

This install was performed by Deve Krehbiel at Advance Design using our Plastic Push button Retractable Shoulder Belts, but can be replicated with any of our universal shoulder belt kits.

Tools Needed:

  • Measuring Tape and Pencil/Sharpie
  • 5/8" Socket and a 5/8" Wrench
  • Makita 4" Grinder or equivalent
  • 4" thin cutoff wheels (for grinder)
  • 4" Standard grinding wheels (for grinder)
  • 4" 120 Grit Sandpaper wheels (for grinder)
  • Hammer and Taper Punch
  • Small and Medium Welding Vise Grip Clamps
  • Lincoln SP-175 MIG Welder (or equivalent)

Step 1
These are all the parts included with
the Juliano's seat belt kit. Take some
time to familiarize yourself with the
parts as well as the instructions.

Step 2
Measure up from the floor to locate
the shoulder point. This location can
vary do to seat high and passenger
size so be sure to factor this in.

Step 3
Make up a template for the area
as shown that will fit down behind
the sheet metal.

Step 4
Clamp the template behind the
sheet metal and drill an 1/8" hole
at your shoulder point mark, being sure
to drill through the metal and template.

Step 5
Align the holes on your template
and fine tune it to clear any
interior panel screws or other

Step 6
Trace your template onto the
included B-pillar bracket, being
sure to align the hole with the
threaded shoulder bolt hole.

Step 7
Grind or cut the B-pillar
bracket to match your template.

Step 8
B-pillar bracket ready for

Step 9
Test fit the bracket and be sure
that the pilot holes are aligned.
Now drill the 7/16" hole for the
shoulder bolt.

Step 10
Drill two more holes, one above
and one below, to spot weld the
bracket in place.

Step 11
You may have to bent the bracket
slightly to match the contour of
the cab.

Step 12
Re-install the bracket and use the
shoulder bolt to tighten in place.
You can also use a clamp to hold
pressure on the plate while welding.

Step 13
Spot weld the bracket in place
using the 2 predrilled holes.

Step 14
Clean up the welds. 120 grit
flapper wheel on a 4" grinder works
well for this.

Step 15
Here is the retractor installed.
This location will keep the retractor
mechanism clear of the fuel tank,
filler neck and cab mount.

Step 16
Place one of the 90 degree
L-Brackets supplied on the cab
floor behind the seat pedestal as
shown to layout mounting hole.

Step 17
Drill the 7/16" mounting hole.

Step 18
Next layout one of the included
anchor plates to match the contour
of the cab.

Step 19
Trim the plate and mock up to be sure
hole lines up. Adjust as needed.

Step 20
Bolt the plate in place using one of
the included bolts. Weld the plate to
the seat pedestal.

Step 21
Install the L-Bracket and bolt in place
using one of the lock nuts. The bracket
should sit flat on the floor and the corner
should just touch the small support.

Step 22
Weld the L-bracket to the floor and
support beam.

Step 23
Here is the finished mounting plate.

Step 24
Mount the retractor by using one of
the 1-1/2" long bolts and washer
through the front and tighten. Install
the retractor and tighten lock nut.

Step 25
Install the shoulder point using the
included shoulder bolt.

Step 26
Layout the mounting points for the
inboard soft arms. Typical spacing
between the retractor and arm would
be between 15" and 25".

Step 27
The holes should be just far enough
in front of the seat pedestal to provide
clearance for the end fitting to clear
the pedestal.

Step 28
You may need to adjust the
placement of the plate a little to
provide a flat surface for mounting.

Step 29
Drill the 7/16" mounting holes. Also
drill 2 holes to spot weld plates in
place, one just behind the riser and one
just in front of mounting hole.

Step 30
Bolt the plates in place under the
truck using supplied bolts.

Step 31
Spot weld the 2 plates in place.

Step 32
Clean up the welds using a 4"
grinder with 120 grit flap disc.

Step 33
Bolt the inboard arms in using supplied
1-1/2" long bolts and flat washers.

Step 34
Inboard arm installed.

Step 35
Time to enjoy your ride and be safe!