Juliano's 1955 Chevy 3 Point Seat Belt Installation

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55 Chevy 3 Point Seat Belt How-to

3-Points for 55 Chevy
by Jeff Juliano

The more we learn about cars and safety, the more we realize the importance of a three point shoulder harness seat belt. If you travel with family members or other loved ones, it is a good idea to make sure everyone is strapped in. This article shows exactly how you would go about installing Juliano's shoulder harness seat belts in a 55 Chevy.

     The first thing you want to do is position the retractor and the third point
     with someone   in the drivers seat to make sure it is comfortable. This enables
     you to get an idea where   these two points will get mounted

Next I had to mount the shoulder bracket. The bracket can be trimmed so I marked where we need to cut the bracket. I also marked the B pillar so we know where to cut it to weld the plate in.          

                                       Here is what the bracket looks like after we trimmed it. When trimming the brackets just remember not to get close to the welds.

Next we have to cut a little bit out of the B pillar so we can weld in our bracket.
If you have interior parts that you don't want to get burned you should cover
them. Here I have someone covering the headliner.

                  After your plate is trimmed and the B pillar is cut, it is time to weld the
                  bracket in place. I clamped it where I wanted it first, and then tacked
                  it to make sure it stayed  in place. Then I welded the rest of it.


After I welded in the bracket and cleaned up the welds with a body grinder then bolted the belt in on the top. The next step is to decide where you're going to mount the retractor.            

I decided to bolt the retractor to the dogleg area of the car rather than to the floor. We recommend this way if it is possible, because it doesn't get in the way of rear passengers. Once you find a good location, mark the area. I then drilled three holes. The two outer holes are plug weld holes for the anchor plate. This is achieved by striking an arch in the center of the hole (on the anchor plate) and working it to the outside of the hole until it flows onto the sheetmetal. I put the plate behind the sheetmetal, and weld the bracket to the car. The center hole is the bolt hole to bolt the retractor to the car.

                                                 Now that the retractor and shoulder brackets have been installed, your next step is to install the other side. The fixed end of the belts install very easily. Just mark the hole where you want it, keeping in mind the seat will be sliding back and forth.           

                     After you mark the holes and drill them, you can bolt them
               to the floor. When using an anchor plate on the bottom of
the floor, make sure it won't interfere with anything in the
drivetrain of your car. After the fixed arms are all bolted in
your front 3 point shoulder harness belts are installed. Now
for the rear lap belts.

                          Installing the back belts is just like installing the fixed portion of the 3pts. Just mark where the belts will go. Make sure there is enough room for anchor plates behind the floor. Drill the holes and bolt them in.              

 You have successfully installed seat belts in your car!  Now you can take the whole family out and feel safe  about it.

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