Aero-Brite Lenses - '39 Dlx Ford Car
Aero-Brite Lenses - '39 Dlx Ford Car
Part # JUAE39LEN

Price: $139.95 Pair


Even with a halogen bulb conversion, all early headlights are unsafe. The thick, cloudy stock lens dims and diffuses the light of even the best halogen bulbs. At today's highway speeds it is very easy to over drive the stock headlights. By the time you see something in the dim lights, it's too late to stop! Juliano's has designed an optically clear polycarbonate lens (the same material used for new car headlight lenses) that mounts in the stock headlight bucket. When combined with a late model 7" bulb, such as our Hella high performance headlamp, this set up will provide a huge upgrade over stock lighting. The new lens uses the stock trim ring (not included) and has a sleek aero style that eliminates the original bulging "candy dish" look. The inside fluted border can be painted body color or silver from behind for a chrome effect.