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Juliano Designed 37 Ford Headlight Systems
for all '37, '38, and '39 Fords.

One of the biggest safety issues with our older cars is inadequate headlights. The lights and lenses were designed when 35 or 40 mph was fast. Now we are always overdriving the stock lighting. Even if you have upgraded to Halogen bulbs, the lights are still not up to modern standards because the light must pass through the cloudy stock lenses with inefficient optic design. Now Juliano’s has designed a system for 37, 38, 39, as well as the 39 deluxe, that uses Hella Halogen Headlamps mounted in the stock Ford bucket behind a up-to date optically clear Polycarbonate lens that doesn't dim the light. Polycarbonate is the same material that is used on all new car headlight lenses. Our new lenses are also designed to eliminate the "candy dish" bulging look of the stock lens. The lenses may also be purchased separately and used with the stock lights. A turn signal unit filler panel is available. The turn singnal is very bright and visable. The whole unit covers up the inside of the bucket so that you cant see it through the lens.

System 1 includes AeroBrite Lenses, Hella Bulbs, and Brackets

System 2 includes AeroBrite System pre-installed in reproduction
buckets with lens gaskets and fender gaskets

Item Number     Description     Price
JUAER0371 '37, '38, and '39 Ford std. AeroBriteSystem 1  $339.95 Pair
JUAER0372 '37, '38, and '39 Ford std. AeroBriteSystem 2  $499.95 Pair
JUAER0391 '39 Ford Deluxe Aerobrite System 1 $339.95 Pair
JUAER0392 '39 Ford Deluxe Aerobrite System 2  $499.95 Pair
JUAE37LEN '37, '38 plus '39 Ford Std. Aerobrite Lens only $139.95 Pair
JUAE39LEN '39 Ford Deluxe Aerobrite Lens only $139.95 Pair
JUAE37FP1 1937 Filler panel $40.00 Pair
JUAE37FP2 1937 Filler panel with turn signals $99.95 Pair
JUAE39FP1 1939 Filler panel $40.00 Pair
JUAE39FP2 1939 Filler panel with turn signals $99.95 Pair
JUAE70477 7" halogen headlight bulb $60.00 Each


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