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Fender Welt Special Orders Are Accepted - We Can Custom Make Fender Welt In Over 200 Colors.

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Fender Welt

Juliano's Interior products manufactures fender welt from high quality naugahyde in twelve different colors. Made up in 30 foot rolls, this welting is very flexible to go around any tight corners and will not rot or mildew. This welting matches many popular colors.
$35.00 per. 30 Foot Roll

Special Orders Juliano's will also custom make fender welt to match your paint sample from over 200 available colors in 7 - 9 foot lengths (minimum order 36 feet).

Custom Colors - $3.50 per Foot
Call for custom color orders.

With a 1/4 inch bead and 1 1/4 inch flap Juliano's Fender Welt is a high quality product
  Item Number       Description       Price  
JU010001 Black $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010006 Dark Blue $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010008 Dark Red $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010010 Porsche Red $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010017 Orange $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010011 Maroon $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010009 GM Red $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010014 Light Yellow $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
JU010013 White $35.00 per 30 ft. roll.
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